04 December 2012

MUFC to bid for Raheem Sterling? Stupid news!

Raheem Sterling

Manchester United are reportedly considering a shock swoop for Liverpool starlet Raheem Sterling.

The absurd story above was published on Dec 3. I'm will not named the news portal. They have to pay me to advertise their names here in my LFC blog. But as I have stated, it is `absurd' and `stupid', though in the same breath, no one could stop it from happening if the money is good. We never thought Fernando Torres would be sold to Chelsea but for a £50 million, some would sold their mom's to the devil...apparently!

It's non-issue really, because LFC and Brendan Rodgers has stated it clearly that Sterling is here to stay. The question of his contract is not a major thing and would be resolved amicably in a matter of time. As long as Sterling doesn't ask the same level of what Steven Gerrard is taking home per week!

But what I like to comment is how stupid sometimes the UK media can be. While of course such headlines would attract a lot of attentions, we the loyal fans of LFC read it with utter disdain and loath. Let's do some analysis, shall we ol' chap...:

1. MUFC has a lot of money. If Alex Ferguson has set his eyes on some players, one way or the other, he'll definitely would get him. Just name the price. Though they won't be as crazy as their neighbours, but MUFC do have quite a huge bank account. The question is: how high is Alex rates Sterling? As an 18 year old boy (barely), Sterling has that star potential as proven in his selection in the 1st eleven squad of Liverpool Football Club and the England team. The way Alex looks at players are totally different from many of us. He is brilliant, yet ruthless. One can never understand why he let go Cristiano Ronaldo, even for a  £80 million price tag. 

2. The pertinent issue would be: is Liverpool Football Club willing to do business with its arch-rival, numero uno nemesis and forever-hated foe in MUFC? Put aside the lure of the transfer monies, and study the history of transaction between the two teams. I don't need to list down the players transaction, because there aren't many. But there a few cases of out-right rejected by Alex, even for his fringe players to find a new paymaster away from Old Trafford. One simple example to note is Gabriel Heinze. LFC wanted him, Heinze say he wants to go to LFC but it was foiled by none other, Sir Alex who said that there is no way MUFC wish to sale their players to LFC.

3. One of the revered sons of Liverpool was Michael Owen. Now he is a pariah of sort to LFC's faithfull. Not so much because he decided to jump ship when Rafa Benitez came to the club, or even to the Newcastle to save his career. But he's decision to join MUFC was the last straw. While many of us would understand that his decision was more on ego issues (he is after all, a SUPERSTAR thus no way for him to play for a mid level team or below than the Top 4), we do expect him NEVER EVER to play for MUFC. But he did. Owen must be asking himself why are the lesser-known players for LFC such as Djibriel Cisse has his huge photo on the wall of Anfield Museum? The answer is that Cisse never played for MUFC. Even today, I follow Cisse when ever there is QPR's match, regardless of the fact that I never like the team.


1. The story is stupid. To hint even as tiny as a dirt that LFC would let Sterling join MUFC is a no brainier.
2. We, the fans, hopes that the current owner of LFC would respect our wishes that LFC must not ever do any business with MUFC.
3. We, the fans, hopes that the players, if they want to be immortalised in the annals of Liverpool Football Club history, must avoid playing for MUFC at any stage of their career. If you're over 32 years old, go to USA. You'll earn more and no need to pay taxes.

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yee said...

hehe rasanya kan raheem sterling decide join lfc after scout-idk-whos from lfc brought him watch a youth academy match against m.u at old trafford and we lose but we..i mean lfc win sterling(dah kena calit minyak pngasih lfc budak tu)..i read somewhere-icant-remember but it my trusted source......and the contract..raheem said he wait till he turn 18 before take lfc offer..can they see that?it mean he looking for long term contract

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Latest news suggest LFC akan bagi Sterling long-term contract. This fellow will be our `sweet heart' for the next decade, bro!

yee said...


1hal aku suka pasal BR ni dia hanya cakap benda yang hampir je..angin angin ni tak mainlah

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

gua sokong!



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