20 December 2012

LFC fans: Don't forget Fabio Borini!

Fabio Borini is scheduled to be back in training on Dec 26.
  1. It has been a roller-coaster ride for many of us the Liverpool FC fans all around the globe. At the moment, the feeling that lingers in our spine is the feel of horror, downhill, steep.
  2. In the news today, we see good news and weird news. The good news is that Raheem Sterling, 18, was reported to have agreed a 5-year contract extension with the club. However, at this time of blogging, LFC has yet to announce it on its official website. Let’s just hope it goes through.
  3. The weird one is the story on Daniel Sturridge's £12million move to Liverpool has hit a stumbling block due to a wrangle over agent’s fees. Again, don’t expect the club to announce anything on this part. The club will only confirm when it is gone through or not. The intricacies of the deal, remains quiet.
  4. While reading that news with massive interest, my mind couldn’t stop from thinking of Fabio Borini.
  5. The former Roma striker, 21, has been unavailable since breaking a bone in his foot in mid-October but is hoping to resume training at Liverpool's Melwood base just after Christmas.
  6. So we shall have Sturridge in January, who will be playing at the front with our superb striker, Luis Suarez. Then hopefully if all gone well with his rehabilitation, Borini shall rejoin the squad in February, the latest.
  7. According to a tactical analysis by Amit Singh (http://thinkfootball.co.uk), Borini has struggled somewhat since making the move to Liverpool in the summer.
  8. ``Mainly utilized as a wide man in Rodgers’ 4-3-3 he is yet to score a goal. He himself has said that he sees his future as a centre forward and it may be wise for Liverpool to move him there to get the best out of him. 
  9. ``Borini is currently out injured but when he returns this may be an option Rodgers’ decides to look at. Borini had looked to have lost his place to youngster Suso before getting injured, with some fans getting on his back, prematurely.
  10. ``As stated Borini operates primarily operates out wide for Liverpool, rather than through the middle. As noted this has not been the most successful transition for him as he has failed to score in the league and some are wondering why Rodgers looked to bring him in, only to play him out of position,’’ said Singh.
  11. This analysis seems to be the issue that would resurfaced once Borini is fit. The introduction of Sturridge would be a new issue for Borini. It is okay I think if for the second half of the season LFC would have three strikers, a luxury we seldom experience for a quite some time. I leave it to you guys to ponder the situation. YNWA!

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beemer said...

couldn't agree more.
try him in the center of 4-3-3 system.
if not as 1st eleven, try it first as subs.
borini still young and have lots to learn from the team.



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