29 December 2012

LFC vs QPR 11.55pm 30 Dec 2012

Dec 10, 2011, a year ago when QPR were beaten by Luis Suarez's header at Anfield, Liverpool.

  1. One thing for sure, I am pretty excited about this match because it brings back sweet memory of my second visit to Anfield, exactly a year ago to watch the match against QPR. We won 1-0, thanks to Suarez's header in the second half.
  2. The memory was even more sweeter because we travel in the AirAsia X flight back to Kuala Lumpur. I deliberately wore the Red jersey on the plane. But due to extreme exhaustion, we didn't sing in the cabin...LOL. Instead it was sleep all the way! My trip to Anfield, Melwood and a dinner talk hosted by the then manager, Kenny Dalglish will remain in my life-achievement archive.
  3. But what about tomorrow's match? On the back of a lousy result away at the Stoke, our performance is really a yo-yo. Up and down and up and down it goes. The UK media were more outspoken. They compared the points accumulated by Brendan Rodgers and his predecessors' , and even suggested that he might not be long in Anfield.
  4. Contrary to that, I believe that majority of Liverpool fans are still supporting Brendan Rodgers to stay as our manager. Unlike the feelings we had upon Roy Hodgson, we were terrified to see the awful performances on the pitch.
  5. Rodgers,  instead brought a whole new playing-style and inspiration. Basically, Rodgers is not an established manager that many of us had hope for to replace Dalglish. But all of us were taught to study the guy and respect his ability, especially in transforming Swansea from an unknown entity into a club that seems likely to stay put in the Premier League for years to come.
  6. The result so far is not even 'moderate' but in reality, 'below par'. We are coming into the second half of the season. The target of gaining the slot of Top Four is still there, though i won't dare to say 'it's still achievable'. Unless there is a massive change in our scoring ability and a better defence at the back, only then would Liverpool return to the Top Four elite group.
  7. As for now, let's give Rodgers some space to reorganise his squad. The imminent arrival of two new players, though didn't really excite the fans, must also be given an opportunity to show their abilities.
  8. And Djibriel Cisse should be playing tomorrow. I still like him but I hope he won't score in Anfield tomorrow. hahaha

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