08 December 2012

After beating Udinese, let's do West Ham Sunday 11.55pm

Hendo and Shelvey were excellent in the match against Udinese last Friday. - AFP

Udinese's veteran striker, Antonio Di Natale almost executed a sucker punch to the advancement of Liverpool FC in the Europa Cup last Friday (Malaysian time). For most of the time, Udinese were subdued with LFC controlling the ball for almost 69% of the time. Yet the Italian managed to put on a scare when ever they managed to get into our penalty box.

Frankly, I didn't have the notion that LFC were threaten in any way. With Jordan Henderson's goal, LFC were on the right track to win and advance. But because of the solitary goal, the concerned were legitimate. The players tried and tried to add to the tally but to no avail. 

The situation leaves us with two different scenarios. First: cherish the goal as it mean a clear win and advancement into the last 32. One goal is better than none? Second: Should we be extremely worried? A few seasons ago, our forwards were one of the best. The lone striker (I won't mention his name...you know who) just scored and scored. But our back side was awful. But today, our defenders are doing ok... but our forwards are not that sharp. We have to score more. Because only by scoring, we'll win the game. I don't really care how beautiful them play, because football is not an Olympic sport of Synchronised Swimming event. We don't get 3 points just by showing how well we controlled the ball or how many times we shoot to the target. We need to score. More. 

But who could do that? It's a pity for Luis Suarez who is clearly shouldering the burden to score for the team. Simply because we don't have a second established striker. A very weird position for a professional club like ours to be in. 

For the last few games, the burden seems to be shared by the others. While we really wish Suarez to score more, the goals were few and rare. And I hate to see who will Brendan Rodgers pick as the striker replacement for Suarez on Sunday's match against West Ham. I shall not guess here but I sincerely hope this fella would come good.

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