18 December 2012

LFC must utilized the young guns

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Rodgers: Liverpool will look to add but won't spend big in January

  1. For years, the issue of ‘insufficient money’ to buy new players has been serenading Anfield. And we thought the arrival of the new owner would change that. At first, that was the picture. Kenny Dalglish managed to spend three digits number to win the club the Carling Cup last season before been replaced in the summer by Brendan Rodgers.
  2. Apparently because of Dalglish, now the owner seems to be so reluctant to provide Rodgers the money that he requires. Thus the sad headline above.
  3. I for once, has always believes in the development of the youngsters. That’s why Dalglish’s approach during his reign must not be forgotten. While he spends over 100 million on new players, The King boldly introducing many youngsters from the academy, to a mix results.
  4. Rodgers has continued doing so. The likes of Sterling, Suso for example are those youth players that we must nurture and keep for a long period. These are our future.
  5. I am saying this simply because, if we can’t buy an established player, it is common sense for the club to turn to our own youth academy. We have nothing to lose. In fact, it is way better than spending 5 million or what ever amount on a player that would later become a nightmare to every one.  

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