17 December 2012

What a TRUE LFC fans should do now...

AES drone. I just want to ensure that all the Liverpool fans to stay alert from the negative news emaninating from the lousy news drone.

1. As expected, the lost to Aston Villa has become the biggest point for everybody to poke a fun at Liverpool FC, and of course belittling Brendan Rodgers tactics. The criticism came in multitude ways, even among the so-called faithful. Both the squad and the manager have been branded `false dawn’ and many more. I just couldn’t write all the negativity headlines here. Too distraught to even read the whole article, to say the least.
2. The lost was too much to bear simply because the squad was controlling the game and had many opportunities to score but only managed to get the single consolation, at the dead of time!
3. Common sense would prescribe to the idea that if the performance was terrible and Aston Villa played like the other current top four teams, the fans especially won’t be moaning. Instead the point of breaking is that the fact, Aston Villa was simply executing their counter-attack options while defending the goal with 10 players. And all three goals came via that route.

4. Of course, if it happened once, people expect the defense would buckle and close the path of the lone-striker in Christian Benteke. Obviously, it didn’t materialize. Thus, we were hit 3 goals, making a come back seems to be impossible by any standard.

5. In these hard times and very trying indeed to our mental and heart stability, all I can say is that we have to move forward and let the match against Aston Villa be a turning point. It is a cruel wake-up call. The squad didn’t lose in the six games leading to the match. We were at the number 10 in the league and a win, could have propelled us in the 5 or 6th spot. Instead, now we find ourselves returned to obscurity at number 12 of the table.

6. I can’t scrutinize our defense to the max. Most of the time, the duo in Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger are reliable to assist Pepe Reina. But having attack-minded left and right back in Johnson and Downing, seems to be back-fired for Rodgers. It made the defense, totally kaput. Aston Villa was hardly on the attack mode, but when they did, they scored. Isn’t that a funny fact?

7. Personally, as a fan, I need to forget the game and try to put the strength back to my mind and soul. Being a Liverpool fan and invested so much money to visit Anfield twice, plus our own Stadium Nasional in Kuala Lumpur when the team came to Malaysia last year, I can assure myself that I will never renegade nor leave the club. Ever.

8. The squad must now focus on the game. Knowing the LFC history and character, the squad is a focus-orientated type. When they focus and set their mind on the game, they will do it whole-heartedly and will never retreat. To return to the winning ways is not an impossible task.

9. The lost is something everyone very much regretted. That’s the name of the game. But for the fans, the only things we can do is hope and pray that the club will win the next game and for the second half of the season, regained its target of becoming a Top Four team.

10. True to the Liverpool FC philosophy, we as the fans must also focus and should not be distracted by what ever challenges ahead. We must focus too. Never surrender.

11. After all that we have been through, one lousy game does not represent the whole idea of our love towards LFC. We must give time for the club to heal itself. Pardon them. Give them another chance. For this is the correct way to express our love. True love in football is weird, but it’s not for the ordinary fans. It's for a lifetime fan. Til death do us part. 

12. Liverpool FC, you’re my inspiration in my life. You’ll never walk alone.

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