12 December 2012

Daniel Sturridge, Thomas Ince? Really? Seriously?

what the...?

Liverpool will unveil a new £18million strike force in January after taking significant steps to securing deals for Daniel Sturridge and Thomas Ince.

Above is the news of the day in the United Kingdom for Liverpool fans. While we enjoyed the other headlines for example: Arsenal thrown out of Capital One Cup by a League 2 club or the rumour that Theo Walcott would join MUFC or LFC made an official apology to Fulham, the story of two new attacking options for Liverpool, is indeed a must read article.

If you read the Daily Mail for instance, you tend to get the indication as if the transaction is `a done deal'. While of course we love any positive tone stories, I must remind all of you not to get overboard on this report. We have to wait for the OFFICIAL statement from the club.

Remember the Clint Dempsey case (the case that have forced LFC to apologise today to Fulham). The news were loud saying it was a done deal. Everybody was excited. Including yours sincerely. But after a day, the deal still not officially confirmed by the club. Then only the whole silly situation emerged. The owner refused to green light the transaction. Fulham was furious. LFC was embarrassed. Dempsey cannot stay for fear of fans retribution and leave for Hotspur. Crazy and silly.

I shall not do any Oppa Gangnam Style dance now with this news. Well, I must admit, Sturridge is good but not the sort of established player LFC sought after all along. And Thomas Ince? He was with LFC and sold for £250,000 but now would cost LFC £6 million (according to UK media).

Now let's wait for the official announcement, shall we.

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tokeysiber said...

lfc still not learn from Comolli fiasco.. english player overprice & overrarted



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