28 November 2012

Hotspur vs LFC 3.40am 29 Nov 2012

Once in a while I may popped-up here, and I can't apologise every time I feel like to. Again blame it on the Facebook and Twitter. That's where you'll find me more active. For those who yet to know, in Twitter my account is @johardyibrahim and Facebook: /johardy.ibrahim

I was away for almost a month starting 23 October 2012, having been to cover the US Election in Washington and Florida. Yes, I missed the whole matches as there wasn't any live telecast in the hotel that I stayed in. But I tried to follow the results and watch the highlights via YouTube. I must say the results were mixed, thus somehow makes me in a funny position... I didn't really missed that much. Who would missed the matches that the team couldn't win? hmmm...

I returned home on the 18 Nov, but missed the match that was played on the 17th Nov. That one I should say, I missed a lot because the team beat Wigan 3-0. With that result, I eagerly waited for the next Friday match but I was too tired to stay awake (drew 2-2 with Anzhi) and of course the Sunday match against Swansea. Again, the performances were the same when I left a month before.

What do I think of our current performance? It's the same issues we have been facing for a decade. Too reliable on one guy to deliver and this time it's Luis Suarez. For some unexplained reason, our captain Steven Gerrard looks mild and we can't expect much from him, to help us like he did year after year.

I agree with many that we need a second striker to relief Suarez's burden. The owner have given a clear indication that they will spend during the January window. Failure to acquire an established striker would doomed us in the second term.

And very early tomorrow morning at 3.40 am Malaysian time, LFC will be fighting another tough squad in Tottenham Hotspurs. I plan to watch this game. I need to. I have been missing 4 weeks of LFC matches. I live for Liverpool FC. So do you.

Y N W A!

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