16 April 2012

Luis Suarez is here to stay

18 March FA Cup Quarter Final vs Stoke City. He jumped. (AFP Photo)

If not annoyed, I have to force myself to smirk reading the silly news report: ``Luis Suarez snub the big move to join Paris St. Germain in the summer''. There wasn't any contact (official or not) between the French club with LFC to make this news a really serious issue. Even if there is a secret meeting between the PSG's broker with Suarez's agent, suffice to say... it's all bullshit. 
We do remember really well that all the nonsense about Suarez to leave the club started with his ban in January and the subsequent booing by the opposition fans. We can't deny the fact that Suarez must have been in a torrid situation then with the questionable verdict by English FA in the fracas between him and that French fella.

But Suarez knows better in that to entertain or even allowed himself to join PSG is ``a step down'' from LFC in terms of standard, prestige, history and fan base. He could have been pestered by some opposition fans but he is dearly loved by the Liverpool FC fans all over the world. This fact, is enough to guarantee that the affection and hopes will carries Suarez every time he donned our jersey.

With all the bad results and bad publicity surrounding LFC for much of the times in the first quarter of the year, people tend to forget that Suarez has contributed a lot for the club. In case you guys didn't realised, up to last Saturday when Suarez used his outer right foot to slot the ball pass the helpless Tim Howard, he has scored in total of 14 goals in all competition now. That is 8 in the Premier League, three in Carling Cup which we won and three in the FA Cup.

If your country legalised the betting game, you can safely bet on Suarez to score again in the final of FA Cup against Chelsea on 5 May 2012.

There is a big question that during his 8 matches banned, did Liverpool suffered dearly or could have done much better with him? Based on his performances, I think our club could have done better. In the matches that we lose out, Suarez still managed to score the consolation goal. At least he scored. We could have been in a proper position in the league, had Andy Carroll blossomed much earlier and not waited til April to do so. Or all the near-missed and hitting the goal-post turned into the net.... (sigh...)

We are happy that Suarez will remain with LFC despite a really bad year for the club and himself, personally. Hopefully, he will end the season with the second cup for us.

Against Wigan, he jumped but his goal was wrongly disallowed 24 March. (Reuters Photo)
He jumped... eeer... No. He headed the ball vs Aston Villa 8 April. (AP Photo)

He jumped again for the beautifully taken equaliser goal vs Everton at Wembley, 14 April. (AP Photo)


Anonymous said...

And even in defeat, at least he scored at Old Toilet and riled up the ManUre fans even more! Hahaha!

~Enonimes Red~

Alisha Residenc said...

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Bual Sukan said...

Bredan Rogers is new manager of Liverpool.. Liverpool should be strong to compete with other top club in BPL next season..



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