07 April 2012

Introducing LFC's Brazilian goalie: Alexander Doni

Alexander Doni would be able to prove his talent in the absence of Pepe Reina who is sitting out due to his red card in the Newcastle match last week.

IT may sound a bit weird, if not creepy that as I am preparing to update this blog, the song that appeared on my computer is Dust In The Wind by the Scorpions. You might want to hear this lovely song yourself (click the title above) and listen to the lyrics. Somehow it has similarity to the state of shock we are enduring this last three months and was worsened in the last a couple of weeks.

Hopefully tonight as the team face Aston Villa, another flip flop team all the woes would swept away and return us to the winning ways. The task look so grim as the team reach the lowest of the lowest crash of morale with the lost against Newcastle and two relegation candidates before that. It is as if the horror of Roy Hodgson's era is haunting back those who shouted for his ouster last season. And there are those who refused to be consoled but acted rather harshly by demanding for Kenny Dalglish to step down.

The thought of getting rid of Dalglish is sweet because we always want him to be forever the legend of our club. Failure in taking LFC to the Top Four would diminished those status. Not even with a Carling Cup or FA Cup could alter the situation. That's according to those who demanded for a swift action. Well, I do not consider myself supporting those group. In fact, I don't even know which group should I be! Because the only thing I wishes for is that LFC to return to the winning ways and stop the rot.

And it has to start from tonight's game (10pm Malaysia time). LFC must beat Aston Villa. There is no excuses anymore. Another lost is a certainty of crises brewing within the club, a thing that many in the club is trying to hide or swept under the carpet. 

There would be `new faces' tonight. We will be introduced to Alexander Doni, our second goalkeeper. Due to Reina's red card against Newcastle United he is set to play the next two league games meaning he will be the first goalkeeper except Reina to play in a league game for Liverpool since Danielle Padelli on 13th May 2007. He will also feature against Everton in the F.A Cup Semi-final on 14th April.

Perhaps, Doni would be our lethal weapon tonight to ensure the win. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE !

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