29 December 2012

LFC vs QPR 11.55pm 30 Dec 2012

Dec 10, 2011, a year ago when QPR were beaten by Luis Suarez's header at Anfield, Liverpool.

  1. One thing for sure, I am pretty excited about this match because it brings back sweet memory of my second visit to Anfield, exactly a year ago to watch the match against QPR. We won 1-0, thanks to Suarez's header in the second half.

24 December 2012

Liverpool 4 - Fulham 0 (I missed it. Exhausted to the max!)

The wanna-be Malaysian squad of `Senior 2' who went against all expectation and tremendous odds to make it through to the finals of Piala Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan Utusan held at Pulapol, Jalan Semarak on Dec 22, 2012.

  1. WHEN I missed a Liverpool FC’s match, it is due to the non-existence of any satellite broadcast (I missed 4 weeks of matches while I was in the USA last month) or if I’m on the road, which was seldom in a given season (I usually arranged my travel in accordance with the match schedule).

20 December 2012

LFC fans: Don't forget Fabio Borini!

Fabio Borini is scheduled to be back in training on Dec 26.
  1. It has been a roller-coaster ride for many of us the Liverpool FC fans all around the globe. At the moment, the feeling that lingers in our spine is the feel of horror, downhill, steep.
  2. In the news today, we see good news and weird news. The good news is that Raheem Sterling, 18, was reported to have agreed a 5-year contract extension with the club. However, at this time of blogging, LFC has yet to announce it on its official website. Let’s just hope it goes through.

18 December 2012

LFC must utilized the young guns

Ain't that nice? Click here to see more of Beautiful Wallpaper

Rodgers: Liverpool will look to add but won't spend big in January

  1. For years, the issue of ‘insufficient money’ to buy new players has been serenading Anfield. And we thought the arrival of the new owner would change that. At first, that was the picture. Kenny Dalglish managed to spend three digits number to win the club the Carling Cup last season before been replaced in the summer by Brendan Rodgers.

17 December 2012

What a TRUE LFC fans should do now...

AES drone. I just want to ensure that all the Liverpool fans to stay alert from the negative news emaninating from the lousy news drone.

1. As expected, the lost to Aston Villa has become the biggest point for everybody to poke a fun at Liverpool FC, and of course belittling Brendan Rodgers tactics. The criticism came in multitude ways, even among the so-called faithful. Both the squad and the manager have been branded `false dawn’ and many more. I just couldn’t write all the negativity headlines here. Too distraught to even read the whole article, to say the least.

16 December 2012

Stunned by Aston Villa. Pathetic.

Luis Suarez (R) challenges Aston Villa's goalkeeper, Brad Guzan in the English Premier League soccer match at Anfield in Liverpool, northern England December 15, 2012. - REUTERS

  1. I seems to have that strange urge not to write a pre-match write-up for the Aston Villa match. I don't know why. While my heart says there is a good momentum by the Liverpool squad at the moment to win and climb the chart, the last few matches was scrappy to say the least. The win against West Ham was a nervy and unnecessary, in terms of the goal margin. Last night, all the system went haywired. Kaput.

12 December 2012

Daniel Sturridge, Thomas Ince? Really? Seriously?

what the...?

Liverpool will unveil a new £18million strike force in January after taking significant steps to securing deals for Daniel Sturridge and Thomas Ince.

11 December 2012

Stevie G's first own goal. NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL!!...

Steven Gerrard reacts after scoring an own goal during their English Premier League soccer match against West Ham at Upton Park in London December 9, 2012. - REUTERS

I'm not sure if any of us would be bothered about this calamity. But it was once in a blue moon for our dear captain. After all, we have won the match. Let bygone be bygone. 

10 December 2012

The emergence of Jordan Henderson's influence (West Ham 2 - Liverpool 3)

West Ham United's goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen fails to stop a goal by Liverpool's Glen Johnson (not pictured) during their English Premier League soccer match at Upton Park in London December 9, 2012. - REUTERS

Liverpool's manager, Brendan Rodgers spoke fondly of Jonjo Shelvey who was pushed to a more attacking role from his normal position in midfield, and of course, the 20-year-old rewarded the gamble with a fine performance.

09 December 2012

The pathetic world of Michael Owen

Oooppss...My leg did it again... Michael 'Britney Spears' Owen

  1. I'm pretty sure by now, all of you my fellow Liverpool fans have had read the news article on Michael Owen who blamed the club for his injury-laden career. He used the word 'mismanagement'. Sounds so weird, isn't it? If it's not, you should considered yourself outright `insulted' by such a remark from this former-darlings of Anfield and England.

08 December 2012

Luis Suarez or Spider-man?

After beating Udinese, let's do West Ham Sunday 11.55pm

Hendo and Shelvey were excellent in the match against Udinese last Friday. - AFP

Udinese's veteran striker, Antonio Di Natale almost executed a sucker punch to the advancement of Liverpool FC in the Europa Cup last Friday (Malaysian time). For most of the time, Udinese were subdued with LFC controlling the ball for almost 69% of the time. Yet the Italian managed to put on a scare when ever they managed to get into our penalty box.

04 December 2012

MUFC to bid for Raheem Sterling? Stupid news!

Raheem Sterling

Manchester United are reportedly considering a shock swoop for Liverpool starlet Raheem Sterling.

The absurd story above was published on Dec 3. I'm will not named the news portal. They have to pay me to advertise their names here in my LFC blog. But as I have stated, it is `absurd' and `stupid', though in the same breath, no one could stop it from happening if the money is good. We never thought Fernando Torres would be sold to Chelsea but for a £50 million, some would sold their mom's to the devil...apparently!



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...