06 March 2008

Now take the money and run

by John Thompson, Liverpool Echo

THE future of one of the world’s greatest football clubs hangs in the balance today.
Liverpool FC is at the centre of a wicked tug-of-war with American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, in the eyes of fans, wanting a huge fortune to release it from their grasp.
Yesterday the two Americans, who are at loggerheads with each other, were offered a generous profit of £25m each on their year-old investment by Dubai Investment Capital.
With the pair so divided, there is surely no way now they can ever repair the damage between themselves, and at Anfield, and continue at the helm.
Late last night, DIC sources say the pay-off offer to Gillett, was increased to a staggering £80m. Yet, once again, he has rejected it.
It seems Liverpool FC is nothing more than a crude bargaining chip on the roulette table of high commerce, while the fans who love the club can only look on helpless.
Business may be business but both men, Gillett in particular, today stand to make such an enormous personal fortune from Anfield that it almost beggars belief they should decline.
These men must no longer stand in the way of a solution to this crisis.
They’ve been offered a fortune by the Dubaians to step aside. And they have a moral obligation to accept.
Common decency demands an end to this unedifying episode today.
The dollars are on the table for Hicks and Gillett, but it is the dreams of thousands of loyal fans which they hold in their hands.

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