06 March 2008

Liverpool fans eager to hear from Moores

Matt Scott
Thursday March 6, 2008 The Guardian

The roles of Rick Parry (LEFT) and David Moores (RIGHT) are coming under close scrutiny as turmoil grips Liverpool away from the pitch. Parry yesterday appeared to have firmly aligned himself against the wishes of Liverpool's 50% owner Tom Hicks by brokering meetings between the American's equal partner, George Gillett, and the Dubai International Capital consortium which is bidding for his stake.
Parry, the chief executive, insists he was merely attending the discussions to ensure that they paid heed to the club's best interests. But with Hicks having made clear that he does not wish to sell, demanding instead that Gillett hand him sole control of the club, Parry is playing a dangerous game.
Meanwhile fans are paying close attention to the former chairman, Moores. He took more than £100m from the sale of his Liverpool shares last year and was installed as honorary life-president in recognition of his decade and a half as the club's chairman, notionally making him the supporters' boardroom delegate, though dialogue with those he represents has been limited at best.
Moores was publicly invited to a summit of the Spirit of Shankly group taking place on March 15. Around 700 Liverpool fans are expected to attend and, sensitive to Moores's discomfort as a public speaker, have requested that at least he make a statement. Members are currently sympathetic to Moores for his work at Liverpool, but are expected to turn against him if he refuses.
Importantly, the former chairman's silence has also been noted at DIC, particularly since his late decision to switch and sell to the US consortium, though supposedly now repented, could cost it more than £200m.

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