03 July 2010

Yossi Benayoun completed his move to Chelshit

  1. Chelsea have completed the signing of Yossi Benayoun from Liverpool on a three-year contract for an undisclosed fee. Many of you would have read the news. One peculiar slant emanated from Soccernet, claiming that `` The sale of Benayoun to Chelsea was completed personally by owner Roman Abramovich, who will now step up his efforts to capture Torres''.

  2. All this augurs bad news for Liverpool. While many of us would prefer to focus on the World Cup and try to ignore what is happening in Anfield at the moment, the potentiality of losing our star players are nerve-cracking. I personally hated this moment of time as an ardent loyal supporter of Liverpool FC. This could have been the most challenging time I have ever been since the departure of Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard some 5 years ago. We were relieved when Gerrard made a U-turn and became the backbone of our wins in the final of Champions Cup in 2005 and FA Cup the next year.

  3. However, the situation now is a bit different from then. While the departure of Owen (and supposedly Gerrard) was instigated by the sacking of Houllier and the luring of big clubs as huge as Real Madrid (Chelshit was only starting then). Now, the push factor has been added not only because of the sacking of the manager but also the sad position of LFC in the league last season. Sitting at number 7 is not beautiful. It's bloody difficult. And now we are faced with the reality of being at number 7. Our star players are beginning to talk to other clubs. Mascherano has been linked to Rafa in Italy. Torres is wanted by the whole big clubs in the world, with the exception of any American clubs (hahaha) and even though many tried to paint the picture of Gerrard is also wanting to go away, I sincerely hope he won't but try his luck with the new manager in Roy Hodgson.

  4. Sometimes I just want the World Cup to end now, so that all the uncertainties in Anfield would be cleared off.

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mazhad said...

hate to correct you. but you got something wrong in the article. rafa is in inter milan. juz change it before so0me ac milan fan got angry. if other people were to write about liverpool. i don't want them to be mixing the blue half of merseyside with the red one. take care.



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