15 July 2010

War Against Gillette & Hicks in Malaysia!

  1. This is the new t-shirt I just acquired last night, thanks to two of our fellow Liverpool fans that have an edge in creativity side. This limited edition t-shirt has its own significant, as you know majority of the Liverpool FC fans all over the world now are going against the current owner of the club, Mr Gillette & Mr Hicks. I don't know if owning this t-shirt could do them harm but I read that by not buying the adidas or official merchandise, that would eventually send a strong signal to the management in Anfield. I don't know about this because there is a proverbs in Malay saying, ``angry at a mosquito, you don't burn the malaria-net''. Meaning, by boycotting the merchandise, it surely give a noted signal to them but at the same time, that would also affect the club as a whole. hmmm... speaking of Catch 22.

  2. Now let me introduce you guys to the brilliant folks behind the design. The couple, one Mr Navin and Ms Aishah, whom I had the honour to meet last night during the transaction, were a typical Liverpool fan - like you and me. Who will wear the colour, where ever, when ever permit (You don't wear the kit at your work place...do you?)

  3. Apparently, they have design quite a few, including designs on Rafa, Paisley. According to Navin, it's just to supplement the non-existent of such icon in the Malaysian market. Which I agree nonetheless. So now they have received a lot of request for the current designs i.e Jamie Carragher, Daniel Agger, Javier Mascherano (we have to wait til the next announcement if Roy Hodgson can persuade him to stay a bit longer in the Europa Cup).

  4. Get in touch with Aisha through her facebook account: www.facebook/.aishahmohamedshah

Aren't they a cute couple in Red? hehehe... SALUTE ! SALUTE ! SALUTE !


i said...

oi!! promote us, ah?.. hahaha.. its a compliment, bro.. thanks alot by purchasing our REDS Tee : War Against Gillette & Hicks.. ;)

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Come up with the current players t-shirt and put it here. I guarantee you there will be more business for you!




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