20 July 2010

Bitterness from rivals with the inclusion of Joe Cole to Liverpool

  1. SO BE IT! Your lost is our gain... hahaha. Such is the bitterness shown by some of the rival fans when they heard that Joe Cole has chosen Liverpool as his next club, that they tried in vain to denied that their respective managers ever said anything official about wanting him in the first place. Or so it seems. ``Arsene Wenger never said anything! It's merely the press speculation!'', said one Arsenal fan. I replied `Your ejaculation! What Speculation? That's your annihilation!'' hahaha

  2. Mind you, when the so-called speculation first popped-up linking Cole and Liverpool, the initial reaction by Roy Hodgson was `coyed' and `mild'. He even quoted as mentioning words like ``betting'' and `` I'm not betting man''. So it shows that every manager that were linked to him is playing the strategy. Cole apparently met all of them (may be through his agent) and tried to get the best deal. It is unfortunate that some labelled him as `money-crazy' for choosing Liverpool. My argument is simple: Cole asked for a consistent playing time, which Hodgson said he would get it. I doubt if 90,000 pounds a week is such a huge number that Arsenal or Hotspur couldn't entertained. The only reason is that Arsenal couldn't promised Cole of the only most important thing for him : the opportunity to play more. Same goes to Hotspur.

  3. In that, Liverpool has the upper hand. Cole was guaranteed more playing time, and the salary is just the icing on the cake. To which I think, a player of his calibre and high-profile, is entitled to. It's not like Cole is a nobody from foreign countries, suddenly put into the team and paid that massive amount. No. In fact, Cole is widely regarded as one of England's most technically-gifted players. I didn't bothered too much when Chelsea bring on the African players when ever they play Liverpool. But when Cole comes in, I said to myself, the fullbacks must stop Cole, which unfortunately they failed to do so... Now that Cole is in our team, ohhhh MY GOD!... the special player will be a bomb for Liverpool this season.

  4. According to the news report, Cole will be wearing the sacred no.7 jersey. I think, he deserves to wear it. Joe Cole, welcome to Anfield! And hopefully, sometime this season, I could watch you playing in Anfield with me in the Kops section...


Farid MOFASAD said...

welcome joe cole!

mazhad said...

f.y.i we also just wrap up danny wilson deal.

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Bro Mazhad,

f.y.i I did got the news alert but that counts as `ordinary' acquisition. But Joe Cole is the sort of superstar that could really boost our spirit. Hopefully, in due time Mr Wilson would prove himself to us. hihihi

And welcome to you Mr Mofasad!



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