24 July 2010

FK Rabotnicki : A name so tempting to mock

  1. Roy Hodgson's first competitive game in charge of Liverpool will be against Macedonian club FK Rabotnicki in the third qualifying round of the Europa League this early Friday morning Malaysian time 2 am.

  2. I stopped for awhile... thinking and thinking what can I write about our first opponent this season. It is practically unknown and according to wikipedia, ``this club is has been regarded as a famous football club from Skopje, a city in a former communist country of formerly known as Yugoslavia (now it is called The Republic of Macedonia). The breaking-up of this country in the 1990's saw one of the worst genocide the world has ever saw since Vietnam War.

  3. In its first ever World Cup match in Montevideo, Yugoslavia managed a famous 2-1 win versus mighty Brazil. The national team consisted just of Serbian players as it was boycotted by Croation players at this World Cup due to the relocation of football association's headquarters from Zagreb to Belgrade.

  4. So FK Rabotnicki is also known as ‘railway football club’ and was formed in 1937.

  5. If my memory serves's me right, Yugoslavia once upon a time, was a team of a real force in the World Cup during the Cold Wars.

  6. We know now that Liverpool would be lining the `B' Players as all the stars that were involved in the World Cup are still on holiday. But there is a good chance we might see Joe Cole playing, though he too, was in the England squad. Hodgson even gave signal that due to the current situation, he might as well focus more on domestic cups, rather than the Europa Cup. Either way, I don't mind. But I hope we can beat Rabotnicki, which if we have the full 1st eleven available, could be just a walk on the park.

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