19 July 2010

Farewell Emiliano Insua : GOOD LUCK BRO!

  1. As I've said before, when there is a new manager in town, he'll definitely arrange to have his own players in the team. This is good news, so that Roy Hodgson can get rid of many untalented ones whom Rafael Benitez deemed to be so great. Players like Alberto Reira, Lucas Leiva and David Ngog should be shown the door. While Reira is definitely on his way out, we're still waiting for a more concrete action on the other two.

  2. However, the news of Emiliano Insua departure to Fiorentina is a bit frustrating. This Argentinian lad is still young. At 21 years old, he has matured last season and should have been nurtured further by the club. But because of the age factor also, Insua can be sold to the highest bidder.

  3. I suspect Hodgson is trying to find a way to raise money from Insua's sale, in order to find his own mould of players. I try to understand his strategy at this time of moment.

  4. According to some news report, Hodgson is recognised as someone who can bring out the best from the so-called `average players' but could be attain in a more `cheaper' price. I don't know if this works on Liverpool. We have our own tradition but to think about all the misfit that the previous managers has brought into the club, I tend to believe Hodgson's formula could do some good for us. At this time of moment, he looks like more inclined to find players within the UK itself.

  5. The best part is that we yet to hear Hodgson bringing in any of his former players in Fulham. If you dare Mr Hodgson, bring in Clint Dempsey to us.


gary said...

yerp, go get dempsey!

KITA said...

dempsey...i likee...anyway...best of luck insuaa...

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Hey Gary... you must come back here frequent yaaa

And halo KITA... be a good friend to LFC yaaaa




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