03 January 2008

Let's be real...

May be we were too optimistic. Too confidence. Or too much anticipation. Anxiety to utmost that we surely feel the agony everytime our team failed to win. Such was the notion that nowadays a draw is not considered a good result but likened to an almost murder. Last night game was one of it. More so when it involved a team that is facing relegation and we're supposed to be the superior team, supposed to win with a huge margin. But it was not gonna be so.

It is not because we feel down due to the fact that we in Malaysia had to wake up at 4am to watch the game and by 5am, the score still 0-0. And another 50 minutes more... we saw 1-1 on the screen. It's lousy. Its true. Its bad. Its sad. And mad.

12 points off the leaders - Arse-nal and Manure..., is a no way to win the premiership. We might accept the fact. We failed to win the games deemed to be easy for us. Reading taught us how to read the game more and Wigan surely wag its tail to our face!

Am I talking only about the doom and gloom of our team? May be. May be not. To be a loyal supporter, everybody must have the believe that LFC or any team for that matter, would raise itself and be counted, in particular come this April. Is January too early to bid farewell to the championship?

On the other hand, lets be real. The premiership is gone. Lets focus on the 3 cups left in our portfolio. Lets focus on Inter Milan. With our current form, many people would doubt if we can ever topple Luton next Sunday, what more to say about Inter Milan. But form can be ratify. The spirit can be regain. But to us, fellow fans... the agony now we're feeling is LOUSY. Brutally lousy.

Lets hope Luton won't be able to equalise this Sunday. hmmm....

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