07 January 2008

headache.... we score 2 goals... but one of it to our own net...!!!!

Need me to say more? I think most of us must be suprised or the very least, getting tired of this absurd show from the team. What is happening now? Four straight games and we can't get a win?
How come a team as lowly and problematic as Luton (under administrator) could muster such a fight against a well-paid LFC players.

Luton had fire in their belly, passion in their hearts and pride in their shirt as they went so close to claiming one of the biggest scalps in the land. Liverpool, a club with money to burn, were scorched by a team who have been paid two weeks’ wages out of the last nine.

Liverpool were nowhere near Luton’s level and produced an indifferent display that was off the pace, off the boil . . . basically, just off.

But for the Sky TV fee, Luton would have gone out of business a week or so ago. And the administrator will now be rubbing his hands in delight at the estimated £500,000 the replay will give Luton.

I am tired. But will not lost hope, ever. As a loyal fan, I will stay faithfull to LFC. I hope everyone of you, too.

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