21 January 2008

Hicks denies Liverpool sale talk

Under-fire Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks says he has no intention of selling his 50% stake in the club.

BBC Sport understands an offer to buy out Hicks and co-owner George Gillett is being readied by Dubai International Capital (DIC).
But Hicks said: "I've not received any offer to purchase the club from DIC or anyone else, much less accepted any such offer.
"Nor do I have any intention of doing so," added the American.
Hicks and Gillett are currently looking to refinance the club's debt.
The Americans are trying to arrange a £350m loan that would enable them to repay money borrowed for their £218.9m takeover in March 2007.
They would also then be able to repay loans used to sign players and start work on a re-scaled plan for a new stadium in Stanley Park.
Reports in Liverpool on Sunday even suggested that the club had been sold to DIC.
"Whoever is behind this false report, the facts are that I and my family have always been, and remain, fully committed to co-owning the club," said Hicks.
"No-one in my family has ever indicated any intention or desire to sell our stake in the club.
"We expect and intend to be co-owners of the club, and to actively and enthusiastically support the club's manager, players and fans for many years to come."
Liverpool decided to sell to Hicks and Gillett instead of DIC last March but the American businessmen in particular Hicks, have been criticised for the way they have run the club.
Hicks admitted to talks last November with Jurgen Klinsmann about the German taking over from Rafael Benitez as manager.
The owners and Benitez have also had a very public spat after the Spaniard criticised their transfer policy.
Some Liverpool fans are planning to hold a protest against the American owners at Monday's home game against Aston Villa.

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