16 November 2007

LFC first!

Sorry Gerrard but it's club first for us
Nov 16 2007
by Sam Johnstone, Liverpool Daily Post

IT'S NOT often that you'll find Liverpool supporters disagreeing with Steven Gerrard, but I can guarantee that there will be many who would argue the toss with the skipper this week about the national team.
With yet another international interrupting the campaign (and just as we were starting to look very good again), the old debate was sure to rear its ugly head again, especially as England's qualification hopes hang in the balance.
According to the pre-match Press conference for the England versus Austria match, Stevie said that those who wish Liverpool to be more successful than England are, perhaps, being a bit selfish.
I can understand his viewpoint, even if I disagree, as the desires of the majority often outweigh the minority, but this doesn't make his view necessarily the correct one.
The England team still means very little to a huge amount of Liverpool supporters, and although this group (of which I am a member) wouldn't want England to fail particularly, the most important thing in football for us is Liverpool FC.
I'm sure we are not alone in this; I know of a lot of United fans who feel the same, though maybe it could be a Northern thing.
For all that England played games around the country during Wembley's rebuilding, there's still a nagging suspicion that the national team is a Southern thing.
I hope England do qualify, but I won't be moping about if it doesn't happen. I'll be thinking of the next Liverpool game and whether Rafa is going to continue with his bold all out attack policy.
Other thoughts will turn to games in the future, the fitness of key players, whether I'll be able to pick my own seat in the new stadium, should I start saving for trips abroad in the knockout phase of the Champions League.
Come to think of it, it is selfish, very much so. But like the spoilt child I must be, I just think "so?"
Good luck, Stevie, I hope youget the results you need, just don't be so harsh on us England agnostics. We just want to see you in a red shirt, that's all.

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