04 November 2007

Blackburn 0 - O LFC

yeaaa.... we always on top ... but never converted the chances.... what a misssssssssssssssssss

You might feel the same way I'm feeling now. Dejected, lost and hopeless. It sounds too emotional. Out of this world. But hey!... this is what it's all about when you become a supporter to a particular football club. And obviously the deranged feelings we have now is simply because this one particular team of ours is so difficult to register a win for many many moons already!

I pushed myself to stay awake until 1am last night. The game only started well after 1.30am. After a slow and frightening 1st half... (Dunn kick the ball to the goal post... ) it was almost slumbering when the game reach its 70th minute. Only in the 89th minutes then we started to see a more serious attacking from Gerrard and the gang. May be Blackburn's goalie was so relax the whole night, he didn't have difficulties to stop Gerrard's powerful drive that should go in...

May be again... it's just not gonna be our night. To think about it again... this is the normal feeling you'll get when you support LFC. You will never go overboard with excitement like Chelsea or proud like Arsenal or stubborn like Man.U. Instead as LFC fan, we are automatically taught to be modest and low-profile. We are the team that is not losing any game up to now but yet, didn't win conviencingly on our night. The draw is way too much already for us to be proud. The result leaves Liverpool in seventh place, still six points behind pacesetters Arsenal.
I hope... the game against Besiktas this Wednesday in Anfield, will see a win and a win we must get... and importantly, win conviencingly. Not with the help of ref or a strike of luck, but a straight forward win. Our players shoot, goal and celebrate. Let us pray now....

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th Nov 2007

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