09 November 2007

Early early morning in Malaysia to watch LFC beat Fulham tomorrow

I got a much-awaited off-day tomorrow, just in time for the anticipated goal-feast against Fulham which happened to be 1.15 am over here in Malaysia. But no matter. After missing the 8 goal mauling of Besiktas last Wednesday, I won't want to miss the game. Even though, I have to return to work at 4pm on Sunday. I think I can have a good 6 hours sleep after the game to wake up at noon and have my lunch. May be I go back to sleep and wake up at 3pm before take my 30 mins drive to the office.

I'm sure everyone of you feel the buzz rejuvenating again in your heart now after a much-malign performances the LFC produce for the last 2 months. My memory thrashed with the DRAW results and I can hardly remember which game that we have won. Oh yaaa.. the lucky game against Everton... hmmm... and Cardiff (there were no live telecast for us in Malaysia though!).

Fulham is such a team that LFC can EAT any day. When you can perform in such a way they did against Chelsea and Arsenal, it is always a mystery when LFC can't do the same against the likes of Birmingham or Fulham...

The sports writers or football experts in the UK accused Rafa of tinkering a little bit too much with his team selection. For now, I tend to agree with their writing. Rafa seems to be uncertain which of his 4 strikers are the best to be paired with or what tactics should they adopt. All of this won't be issues if LFC won the games that ended in a draw or to be precise, games that we didn't win or pathetically speaking, games that we should be winning.

Now... lets enjoy the game and hope for the best.

You Never Watch Alone (at 1.15am !!!!)


p/s : Ian Rush is in town! Catch him in one of those ESPN live telecast venue. To know more go to http://www.lscm.com.,my/

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