08 February 2008


Liverpool fans looking to buy the club have pledged almost £60million in the first four days of the scheme.
Share Liverpool FC, the group looking for 100,000 fans to put in £5,000 each in a bid to buy the club, have confirmed that they have been pledged nearly £60million this week.
11,892 fans have pledged to buy a share of the club, which amounts to £59.46million in a bid to make the £500million needed for the buy-out.
Google has revealed that, as well as the 11,892 "count me in" responses, the site has also recieved 5,394 responses in favour of the idea but need more information to make their pledge and 7,930 responses from people who cannot afford it.
The UK, Norway, USA and Ireland are the four countries where most of the hits originated.
However, with only £60million pledged there is a long way to go to get up to the proposed £500million. It also must be said that it is easy enough to pledge £5,000 and then not go through with it.
Rogan Taylor, Share Liverpool FC's spokesperson, remains confident.
"These are pretty impressive numbers for just a few days with www.shareliverpoolfc.co.uk live on line and we're very encouraged," he said.
"The stats also reveal we have a lot of work to do to present more detailed information, and also to address the affordability issue many fans flagged up.
"What they will be buying is something that lasts forever - a share in Liverpool Football Club which cannot be disturbed.
"The member shareholder will be able to pass it on, down through his or her family generations; to sons and daughters, and grandchildren. You will sit in that new stadium and think: 'This belongs to us ...and so does the club that plays here."

utusanLFC :
I have responded and belonged to the category of people who cannot afford it. With Pound Sterling still are the strongest currency in the world against USD and Euro... that also translates to : £5,000 = Ringgit Malaysia 35,000 and that is a one hell of a lot money which I think best to pay my other debts... to be realistically speaking, no matter how passionate I could be with LFC.... to churn out RM35,000 is not a bright way to go when that figure constitutes 2/3 of your annual income. Some more, `the team' that I have in this home, is more important... Perhaps, if the amount could be lowered... may be down to £1,000 ... may be, just may be... I may try my best. I am pretty sure that most of the Asian countries are in line with my thinking in particular, regarding the huge exchange rate with Pounds Sterling.
Anyway, you guys who yet to respond, please feel free to check the website at :

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