12 December 2007

utusanLFC says...

It was 3.30 am when my alarm clock 1st rang. I ignored it as I know there would be a 2nd one which I timed it for another 5 mins. By 3.40am, I managed to stand up, wash my face and take a slow walk down the staircase heading to my tv. Then my stomach send me a telegraph saying he needs to be fulfilled... so from the kitchen, I watched the kick-off. And within 10 minutes, LFC has won the game by a margin of 2 goals... and I'm yet to satisfy my hunger!!!!

Actually, I was ready for a horror movie (may be LFC was down 0-1 and had to do a catch-up) .... may be a thriller movie of sorts (lots of car-chase, shooting, kicking and shouting/swearing... may be blood...). And were hoping that I would be totally awaken when the going-gets-tough and may be all the referees decision goes against us (like in Reading).

But hell no!... It was smooth sailing... For this, I am a little bit dissappointed. Call me a sadist, what ever. But I yearned for some drama and the purpose of fighting for your life, like when we played Olympiakos... like when we face West Ham in the FA Cup Final. That was total satisfaction in the end.

Last night's game against Marseille is like a melodrama. They managed to show their eagerness in only the first 4 minutes before Gerrard put an abrupt stop on it. Then for the next 90 minutes, it was an easy game (I said 90 minutes because Babel managed to slot in the sweet last one in 91 minutes...)

You might not be agree with me, but sometimes when the opposition is too weak... it doesn't bring you that much joy except the fact that we won the game and qualified for the next round. On the other hand, since we beat Porto, Besiktas and Marseille to a total of 16 goals (only 1 conceded), HOW IN THE WORLD DID WE LOSE OR FAILED TO WIN BEFORE IT?
I don't need the answer. As I said, the harder the game for us, the more I like it. Only then we'll see the kind of determination and drives and fighting in our players. The things that caused us becomes addicted to LFC.

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