07 December 2007

utusanLFC says...

Having supporting LFC since Michael Owen's era, I must say what we have now is one unbelievable sensation. That ultra delighted feelings of expecting our team will not settle for a mere 1 goal margin or a lucky defensive tactics to keep the opposition's onslaught is...... aaah.. so nice!
For sure, Torres free scoring has tremendously changed our outlook. Of course, the biggest factor all along has been our own Captain Gerrard. He was alone, he was the only alive player on the pitch to change the game, to win when we're almost on the brink of losing. That was then. Now with Gerrard as the supplier and Torres to receive and to finish... hmmm... opposition team... be very very afraid! You are not warned for nothing. 21 goals in 5 games is a mini testament (if you want to be polite...) of what LFC is all about now. Not only LFC has the bragging rights, but also able to add humilliation factor to the defeaters.
Am I bragging now? Usually I will not do what Arsenal or Man.U's fan love to do, since supporting LFC all these years have taught me to be a humble fan but now it is time to rejoice, to capture that spirit of greatness... WINNING! Winning BIG! (but just don't get overboard... still half a season to go from now).

I have spend my extra bucks to get the satellite tv, just to ensure I get to watch the LIVE Telecasts and cancelled all my appointments or activities on Saturday night or when ever LFC is playing AND NOW all my sacrifices is starting to bear fruits.

So Reading... 0-4 again from LFC? anyone dare not to believe that?

yours truly HARDCORE LFC FAN,


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