21 December 2007

Some background check on Inter Milan

Inter Milan... Seriously... I am totally ignorance of Seria A. I guess it's because the timing of the game is so lousy. Unlike English Premier League, you'll get to watch the game as early 8pm over here in Malaysia but Italian soccer.... 2am... naaa... don't think so.
However, truth to the billing, Inter Milan is a strong team over in Italy. My limited knowledge only know Juventus, AS Roma and of course, AC Milan. One way or the other, those three teams have been soundly defeated by LFC and in the case of AC Milan... we also lost to them. But Internazionale? Sorry... me not know! hahaha
So I browse the net looking for some idea of who are the players... My God! The list is like the Galactico of Italy.
They have :
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Adriano (loan back to Sao Paolo), Hernán Crespo, Luis Figo (injured), Patrick Vieira (injured), Walter Samuel.
However, the three strikers of Julio Cruz, Hernan Crespo and David Suazo and the most important, Ibrahimovic... have been scoring freely. Ibrahimovic is currently the leading top scorer in Inter Milan's team with 9 goals to his personal tally and on same par with Cruz (also 9). Quite impressive.
But we do have our own powerhouse in Gerrard, Carra and now, Torres. So bring it on. Bring it on!

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