20 October 2007

When it comes to a derby match : A view from Malaysia fan

Honestly, the much-awaited derby game between LFc and the small club for us here in Malaysia is just one of those must-win game. Not so much the desire to see the across the park small club lost in way we want see Man.U, Chelsea or Arsenal lose.

In fact, personally... I would vote Man.U as the most hated team. The envy is definitely there. But 1st and foremost is because, the game between the two never failed to create a serious football. Unlike the game between Man.U and the other 2 (Arsenal & Chelsea) which always ended in a brawl or massive numbers of yellow cards... somehow the game between LFC and Man.U, quite lately developed into a good football game. Attack, attack... not play acting (except for Ronaldo... hahaha).

But the game between LFC and the small club is rather unique. I remember that game when Gerrard just flipped and was red-carded. Amazingly, having the captain ousted from the game and playing with only 10 men, LFC managed to win huge 3-1. I also remember the small club carried a poster showing a face that look alike Gerrard in a blue shirt. hahaha... Scoursers sense of humour?

Tonight's game (7.45 in the evening for us in Malaysia) will not share the same tension felt in Merseyside since the supporters of the small club in Malaysia is very small. I did saw one car proudly showing the club's emblem on his car but that just one! He could be a Malaysian student who ``fell in love'' with the wrong club while in Liverpool. Malaysia is known to be a bastion for 2 clubs all along : Liverpool and Man.U. Only recently some youngsters came up with some motivation to set up their own fan club of Arsenal and Chelsea. I wonder if those clubs got any acknowledgement or endorsement from the principal club. As for LFC, our fan club that is : Liverpool Supporters Club of Malaysia (www.lscm.com.my) is endorsed by LFC and the administrators of LSCM is known to be very active, not only in holding game show, a tour to Anfield during game day but also members gathering. That's cool though my own involvement as a registered-member at the moment is confined to purchasing LFC merchandise through the club only (we as member get a good discount maaa....).

So tonight, I'll be watching the derby from my office as I have to work the midnight shift. Hopefully, LFC will prevail as I know very well, losing means I am exposed to banter from my mates in the office. Something me and you despised.


20 Oktober 2007

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