29 October 2007

LFC 1 - 1 Arsenal

The result is not what we wanted but look at the bright side. The performance of LFC team has returned! This is the familiar LFC that fought all the way, counter-attacking maniac and that tiny Argentinian in Mascherano... wow! had he not be on the pitch, we could have been losing that game! Not that he has the speed but with his small feet, he came from nowhere and won the ball. It was so stimulating, particularly when you see what Arsenal team is made of.

. Javier kung fu-kick...

True, Arsenal kids really played well. One touch accuracy is the way they have won their previous games. I even text my fellow friend telling how the Arsenal boys are `freaking fast'. Luckily we had a well-experienced defenders in Carra and Hyppia. Where they can't catch up with the speedemons of, they use their wits. Blocked, rammed and `handle' them... (hey, it's the name of Arsenal the game !). We were also lucky the goal post help us twice.

But I shall not dwell on that aspect. It is a little bit frustrating we didn't convert the chances and kill the game off early. We stand here not as a fortunate team - in awe of the ``greatness'' of Arsenal's beautiful play. That is utterly bollocks.
The truth is that we have our own style of playing. Be it a long ball straight to Crouch or an attack starting from the middle, passing to either flank and cross it back to the D-area and aiming it to any strikers to shoot it home. We don't need to play one touch ball. Let Arsenal do it. Whats the point of playing beautiful when they can't defeat Liverpool? hahaha...

Again, I must say... the whole performance last night was good. Alonso came back to his best though the latest report this morning says he is injured again. I was nervous when he limped out and silently praying in my heart that this shouldn't be the point when Arsenal will equalise. hmmm... I should have pray harder....

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29 Oktober 2007

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