28 October 2007

a lousy week it was?

You must be thinking that after our defeat to Besiktas, I was simply devastated and refused to write anything... Contrary to that, I was on a week long holiday and only able to sit infront of my desktop today (Sunday, 28th Oct) just in time for our game vs Arsenal tonight.
You might also ask me : in this age of ICT, I could have brought my laptop. In fact, I have a rather state-of-the-art laptop in sony vaio which has everything you want in a laptop.

I might have brought it along but I decided not to. When you're talking a good holiday, you must not be connected nor be bothered with anything outside of your hotel room. I did that! Instead I just carry my handphone.
I simply switch-off and focus on my holiday which was swelled! I went to a theme park resort, stayed in a bungalow attached with a private pool. Then visited the cowboy town park, animal world ... yeah my kids love it. After all, when you're have kids, everything must be related to them. Unfortunately, the resort that I stayed only offered ESPN channel which aired Chelsea game. I forced myself to watch the game for the 1st half (since I already awake at 2am) before I return to my slumber. To my greatest annoyance, the next morning I received 3 sms informing me of the defeat. 1 from LFC fellow fan, 1 from a neutral and 1 from a mocking buddy.

After a lucky win at Everton, the defeat to Besiktas is like a disaster waiting to happened. As all of us can see, LFC lately has not been playing like the real LFC that we know. I'm not talking about the winning and losing aspect. I'm talking about the basic fundamentals of LFC game. The players seems not to chase the ball fullheartedly, keep on losing the ball and converting crazy goals. Hyppia at Everton can be considered one of the best own-goal of the season. The fluke between Carra and Finnan at Besiktas was a down right comedy or pin-ball reaction. why can't just kick the ball out and defend for the corner...

Many pundits and sportwriters particularly in the British press criticised Rafa for his always-changing the players policy. Rotation = Rot-but-no-action, some said. I tried not to join the sentiment as Rafa has shown what a genius he is since he became our manager 3 seasons ago. But season 2007/08 is supposed to be his for the taking with all the new, exciting players he brought in. But why he didn't fully utilised them is beyond most of us. The reason of some of them might have to play 60 games in a season that allegedly tire or injure them is now looking rather a stupid statement. We might not be able to see even 50 games as our standing in the Champion League Cup look so dimmed. In fact, punters are busy changing their bets on LFC. We are now a strong candidate to be kicked-out of the CL anytime soon.

I think, if Torres's fit, his place is not on the bench. Never. He should be out there on the pitch, terrifying the defenders. I hope Torres play tonight. He should. He must.

Luckily, Rafa is not put infront of a bazooka like Jol (resigned this week), Morinho... these are high-profile managers, just like Rafa. But the tradition we have in LFC is not to be panicked and won't sack managers mid-way through the season. I personally, still have a strong trust and believed in Rafa. It's just a small dot in me that haunts me the whole week ... a small irritation with his now-look-silly rotation policy. The small dot would become big if we lost again tonight.

The freaking kids of Arsenal looks so determined and conviencing in their game. Which is a true statement no one can deny. So up to our own players to stop them. Not only to stop them but actually to blast them and win the game. We must win the game. Not even a draw is acceptable.
That guy up there (the one clinching his fist and a certain no.8 with a captain armband) will usher us to win the game, with his heart and head, of course!

yours faithfully REDS in Malaysia,


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