16 August 2007


I had to fend off my kids, even my dad from switching the channels at 10.30 last night. All because it supposed to air live from France the game between LFC and 2-Lose (Toulouse FC). But the tv channel 80 (Supersports) kept on repeating the Eurosports news over and over again and only by 11pm, we could see the notice below saying something like ``the delay was due to the technical problem from the source''. Such a loyal fan, I waited until 11.50pm. In my mind, if I can watch even the 2nd half, it still okay. But then I realised, that could be a futile effort. I turned off the tv and went straight to my books instead.

What happened last night is a seriously sickening thing. I'm sure Astro wouldnt be bothered to apologise nor even acknowledge last night's failure as their fault. I suspect, Astro would put the blame to ``its source'' i.e the French tv. But since my only purpose of subscribing to Astro is to watch soccer (I hardly watch tv, most of the time), Astro must bear full responsibility - regardless of their argument saying, hey... its France's tv... (who knows, Astro didnt pay sufficient royalty to France tv resulting to no-show???)

what a bummer.... what a bollock. Astro... take care of your subscribers la. Dont you guys practice GOOD CUSTOMER CHARTER? If not, read this : ``We, the staffs of Astro, hereby pledge our unheralded promises to keep our subscribers to the utmost satisfaction, as we know that Astro just hiked our subsription rate again thise month''.

Why laaa MiTV failed to give any competition to Astro so that Astro wont be this arrogant???
ohh yaa... Astro had the upper hand by striking a massive agreement i.e ESPN, HBO to be their sole tv presenter here in Malaysia. Pandai la!
So MiTV could be one of the only small fraction of Tan Sri Vincent Tan's lousy investment?

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