03 September 2007

Anfield’s ‘Red Giant’ AWAKENS !

View From The Stands
by Larry Moran, Liverpool Daily Post

THAT was as easy as expected to be honest.
Maybe not the emphatic scoreline but Derby in their current guise are not Premier League class. They can expect a few more similar drubbings as the season progresses.
Liverpool sat proudly at the top of the table is welcome, and with Villa’s win stayed there.
However, every Liverpool fan is realistic enough to know that a long, hard season has only just begun.
To win the Premier League will be very, very tough. The national media have long since written Liverpool out of their title scenarios. Their darlings at Man United and Chelsea are the favoured ones, with London-based Arsenal maybe thrown in the mix. But Liverpool? Well we are supposed to be “history” these days.
Man United’s fans used to gloat, “You’re not famous any more”. Until Istanbul. Sorry chaps but The Red Giant of Anfield is wide awake now.
We can win the Premier League; in fact we can win the Champions League too. The squad has the depth, experience and skill to do it. The manager has the knowledge and ability.
We, the fans, have the knowledge and the patience to also know it’s being top when the last whistle blows in May that counts, not now.
Can we negotiate a season of early post-European game kick-offs, more dodgy refereeing decisions to come no doubt and some bruising encounters with our rivals along the way? The answer is “Yes”.
One game at a time. A final wish though for Rafa and his Reds. Wouldn’t it be nice to win the Premier League and remain unbeaten and really rub their noses in it?

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